What is diaper rash?

What is Diaper Rash?

Diaper Rash is a rash on the skin under your baby's diaper that may have been caused by friction, irritants or just the warm and moist conditions of a diaper.

Some of the causes are: 

  • Friction: One of the most common causes of diaper rash is friction. When your baby's sensitive skin is rubbed by a wet diaper a rash can develop.
  • Irritants: A diaper rash can develop from irritants such as urine, feces or cleaning products. The acid in urine or bowel movements can irritate your baby's skin. Irritants can also be found in cleaning products such as baby wipes, soaps, bubble bath and fabric softener.
  • Candida Infection: A candida infection or yeast infection is commonly found in warm and moist conditions, such as a diaper. A yeast infection usually has a very bright red appearance and is common after the use of antibiotics.

Suggested treatments:

Many health care providers recommend a topical zinc oxide product for diaper rash. While zinc oxide is a great barrier cream, it can be too harsh for a baby's sensitive skin. Zinc oxide products may actually make the rash worse during the first few applications.  We of course recommend using a product like Formula 2 Skin Care Cream. Its combination of mineral oil, waxes and sodium borate can help alleviate diaper rash symptoms in as little as 24 to 48 hours.

  • Mineral Oil - helps put moisture back in the baby's dry skin.
  • Waxes - act as a barrier against friction and irritants without the harshness of zinc oxide.
  • Sodium Borate - is very effective in reducing the possibility of a yeast infection.

Here are some additional tips for the prevention of diaper rash:

  • Timely changing of soiled diapers – if possible, change your baby’s diaper within 30 minutes of an incident to avoid further irritation of the skin.
  • Air Exposure – allowing your baby to lie on its crib without a diaper for a few minutes can help provide some exposure to the air so that the skin can “breathe” and reduce excessive moisture.
  • Extra bathing – washing your baby’s skin with a fragrance-free gentle liquid soap to remove any waste matter that may not be visible every time they relieve themselves may help reduce instances of rash.
  • Use a moisturizer and barrier cream like Formula 2 with each diaper change to decrease the chances of a rash occurring.

Diaper rash can occur with any baby. So if it happens to yours, follow the advice above to alleviate it and you should see some good results.

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