Frequently Asked Questions

What age groups can use Formula 2?

Formula 2 can be used by anyone from infants to the elderly.

Can Formula 2 be used anywhere on the face and body?

Yes. Formula 2 can be applied anywhere from head to toes. Remember it is a thick cream and depending on your skin condition, you may only require a little or a bit more.

Where is your product manufactured?

Formula 2 is proudly made in the USA in a state of the art facility in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Do all three sizes contain the same product?

Yes. The same product is contained in the 2 oz. jar, the 4 oz. tube, and 8 oz. jar.

How is your product used by hospitals?

Various hospitals in the US are using Formula 2 in their wound care groups. They have discovered that it works excellent as a component of their skin care protocol in the prevention and treatment of bed sores, wounds, general dry skin, and diaper rash.

How does your product help wounds?

Formula 2 can be applied directly to stage I and on 2 decubitus ulcers/wounds (if there is no infection) to help infuse moisture and create greater elasticity on the skin for easier healing. It can also be applied around the wound for stage III decubitus ulcers/wounds.​