Wound Care Testimonials

Wounds come in many different types: pressure sores, surgical wounds, radiation sores, foot ulcers due to diabetes, or cuts and scrapes. To alleviate the effect of wounds, it is important to maintain the wounds and surrounding skin clean and protected. With Formula 2 Skin Care Cream, you can ensure that your skin gets the elasticity required for better healing as well as the barrier protection and yeast prevention ingredients to minimize additional infection.

Wound Care Testimonial - Formula 2

"There are so many uses for Formula 2. Being a diabetic I have used it to prevent minor infections. It also softens the skin where I have injected insulin for years. What a difference! It is better than any expensive skin care moisturizer. I also use it on my face." - D. Adamski, Florida

"My father started to use Formula 2, he is a Diabetic. My dad kept telling everyone to try it. Then I noticed it is great on wrinkles as well as extreme dry skin. It makes a barrier from the different climate on the area you may be concerned about and protects it. When wounds are cracked, split or bleeding this cream covers it at the same time mends it. It really is worth everyone trying it then they will know the truth." - Anonymous

Wound Care With Formula 2

"In October of 2007 I underwent an emergency appendectomy. Because my appendix had ruptured, my surgeon could not close up my incision and I was kept in the hospital for five days with a large open abdominal wound which was packed and drained each day. A large dressing was then applied over the packing and incision and tape applied to hold it. Unfortunately, I am allergic to tape!!! Each day, when the tape was removed, my skin under it would be burning and very red. Because my incision had to heal from the inside out, my doctor ordered a "Wound Vac" to be inserted when I got home. A visiting nurse came each day, removed the tape, dressing and packing and then inserted the "wound vac" packing. This was attached to a battery-operated pump that continually pumped the remaining toxins and bacteria from my incision BUT IT WAS ALL HELD ON WITH TAPE!

As each day passed, my skin was seriously breaking down and although the nurses would try to re-position the tape a little so that other skin was affected, the pain that it was causing was much greater than the surgery itself. However, every day after the dressing was changed, I would apply Formula 2 to any areas that were free of tape. It immediately took away some of the burning and redness but, of course, the next day the tape would be put back on that side and a new area would be left open that I could treat.

After a month, the pump was removed and a smaller dressing was finally enough to cover my incision. I was able to apply Formula 2 to a greater affected area. Although it did take some time for my skin to completely heal, without the application of Formula 2 would have had not only the incision scar but severe scarring where the tape had been as well because on many days that area was just raw and bleeding when the tape was removed.

The visiting nurses also noted how well the Formula 2 worked, even just overnight and I made sure they that told other patients about it and where to buy it." - J. Schecker, Lewes, DE