Sunburn Testimonials

No matter what skin type you may be, more than likely you have experienced sunburn. You probably weren’t wearing sunscreen at the time either! So what do you do when that happens? Many of the lotions and creams available in the market today are so watered down that they barely provide any comfort. With Formula 2 Skin Care Cream you can rest assured that you will get one of the highest concentrations of moisture to replenish your skin and help alleviate the related burn. Put it on and see the difference overnight.

Shoulder Sunburn With Formula 2

"This is the best sunburn treatment I have ever used. My son came home with a sunburn, I put Formula 2 on his shoulders and the next morning his shoulders were markedly improved. He had no pain and no blisters or peeling. The following pictures were taken less then 12 hours apart!" - Jan L.L., PA

"I am an airline pilot for a major airline and wanted to let you know about my experience with Formula 2 Skin Care Cream. I was on vacation with my wife many years ago in Florida and got a fairly bad sun burn on my face. I went to the drug store and bought some aloe and put it on my face every hour. To no avail and very little relief, I was peeling terribly. My wife had some Formula 2 with her and told me to try it. She knew what it would do for me. I was blown away by the way its moisturizer relieved the burn and the waxes stopped the peeling instantly! I looked like I had a great tan but it was actually the cream treating my sun burn. As an airline pilot traveling all over the world, in the dry cabin air, I never leave without my Formula 2 Skin Care Cream!" - Mike Digby, Ottawa Lake MI

"I have been a pharmacist for over 7 years now and enjoyed the use of Formula 2 for dry skin. Recently, I found another wonderful use. I was fortunate enough to get married earlier this year and my wife and I went to an island south of the Caribbean. As you can imagine it was incredibly hot and I went a day or two without reapplying my sunscreen as I know I should. Unfortunately, the UV rays from the sun got to me and I got sunburned. I remembered Formula 2 and how it can hydrate the skin and keep the skin from losing its moisture. Sunburn seems like the perfect application for the cream so I was prepared; I brought some Formula 2 with me on the honeymoon. Normally, when I get sunburned my skin turns reddish and can get painful to the touch. Additionally, after about 5-7 days the skin starts to itch as it goes through the "peeling' process. I wanted to try and avoid this. I started using the Formula 2 over all the areas that were red and painful. I applied it liberally over the areas several times a day. Besides feeling cooler, I could tell it was helping my skin. The area was not as painful and I was pleased to say that I experienced very little peeling and thus I did not have the itching. I was even able to maintain the 'tan color' that I picked up. I was very pleased with how Formula 2 helped out my Sunburn and I would highly recommend it (along with sunscreen!) to people are prone to these experiences." - Mike C. RPh, Delaware