Why many skin care products don’t work

There are so many skin care products to choose from out there and every day someone is coming up with a new one to add to the mix.

You go to your local beauty store or pharmacy and when you get to the skin care aisle it seems like you could get lost in the plethora of choices. But how do you choose which one is the right one for you? Do you base it on the latest advertisement you saw on TV or social media? Do you choose one because your favorite celebrity or influencer recommended it? Does how cool or pretty the packaging look influence your decision. Did a friend, family member, or even your doctor recommend it?

Regardless of the reason you choose a particular product, there is always a chance that the product may not work for the intended purpose for which you bought it. Why is that?

There are various factors that determine the effectiveness of a product. Here we will list some of the most basic ones to help you choose wisely.

When looking for a skin care product, the first thing you should do is look at the ingredients label on the back of the packaging. There, you will be able to uncover some basics as follows: 

  • Is the product watered down? If the first ingredient listed on the label is water, this means that water has the highest percentage of the total ingredients. While it is difficult to say what percentage it may be, it is very likely that it is at least 30% and in some cases up to 80% of the total composition. This in turn means that the product may not be as effective as you’d expect it to be. First of all because the more water it has, the less of the ingredients that are supposed to help your skin will be contained in it. Additionally, water itself is not necessarily good for skin. Long exposure to water removes surface lipids, allowing moisture to leave your skin, and in turn causing more dryness. So you may want to stay away from products that have water listed as the first ingredient.
  • Alcohol is often used in skin care products as both a preservative and to make the products lighter so they can penetrate your skin. While this is ok, there is a downside to it. Alcohol actually dries out skin and can even irritate it. So if you see alcohol in its various forms listed in a product, you may want to reconsider buying it.
  • The number of ingredients listed may be a cause for concern. Think about it. Is it better to buy a product with a low number of ingredients that are high in concentration or one with a large number of ingredients with a low concentration of each? More doesn’t necessarily mean better. Sometimes simplicity of ingredients can produce better outcomes.
  • Where a product is manufactured can be a factor that determines quality. In our opinion, products made in the USA tend to be of better quality as they are subjected to stricter guidelines and regulations than most other countries.
  • Who develops a product is also an important factor to consider. Is the product you’re considering developed by a scientific or medical professional or by someone who whipped it up in their kitchen originally? While it is not necessarily a bad thing for every day individuals to come up with new products, someone with greater knowledge of chemistry may be able to produce a superior product.
  • Packaging is also something that you should look at. The fancier the packaging, the more of what you are paying for the product is to cover the cost of such packaging. Which means you are not really getting all the value in the actual product being used. So don’t let a pretty bottle or box fool you. Sometimes the product with the less appealing tube or jar in the aisle is the most effective one.

So there you have it. These are just some pointers to consider when purchasing you next skin care product. Whether it be a soap, lotion, spray or cream, keeping these things in mind will help you to make a more educated decision.

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