How To Take Care Of Your New Tattoo...

How to take care of your new tattoo.

A. Listen to what your tattoo artist says. Every artist is unique and the manner in which they bandage your new tattoo may be slightly different. Make sure and take notes on whatever advice he/she give you regarding your tattoo.

B. Do not take the bandage off your tattoo for at least two hours. After your tattoo has been completed, your tattoo artist will clean the area, apply an anti-bacterial ointment and cover it with a bandage or plastic. Do not be tempted to remove the bandage or plastic too early as it serves to protect your tattoo against dust and bacteria. Leaving the bandage for tool long can also cause it to become infected or fester.

C. Wash your hands before you remove the bandage. To maintain the integrity and cleanliness of your tattoo, it is recommended that you thoroughly wash your hands before pulling off the bandage. When you pull them off, do it slowly as to not damage your new tattoo. Make sure to discard the bandage immediately.

D. Wash your tattoo with warm water and antibacterial soap. Soak your hands in water and antibacterial, fragrance-free soap and gently rub away any excess blood or ink from your tattoo. By doing this, you will minimize the scabbing on your skin. Do not use any cloth or sponges to rub the tattoo, as these may contain bacteria. Also, avoid running the faucet over your tattoo as this may create some discoloring. Rather gently pour water over the area.

E. Let your tattoo air dry or tap gently with a paper towel. It is better to let you tattoo air dry but if you must, tap it gently with a paper towel. Do not use a cloth towel as that may leave cloth residue. Do not rub your tattoo either as this may cause irritation.

F. Apply an alcohol-free, fragrance-free moisturizing cream. Gently rub your tattoo with a thin layer of moisturizing cream until it become clear. We strongly recommend you use Formula 2 Skin Care Cream as it is a gentle, yet powerful formula that contains no alcohol, no fragrance, no lanolin and no parabens. Its protective barrier properties will also keep out any bacteria, dust, and water. You can also continue to use it on a regular basis to maintain the integrity of the ink and minimize any irritation you would normally experience without it

By following these simple tips, you will protect your tattoo and keep it looking like new for a long time.

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