Chaffing Testimonials

You’re an active individual. Maybe you ride a bike, fish, ski, or play various types of sports. In any case, more than likely, you have experienced some level of chaffing on your body, whether it’s on a visible or private area. Use Formula 2 to relieve the effects of chaffing and provide the barrier protection you need to minimize future occurrences. You’re going to love it.

"I heard you on 105.9 radio today - I live in Rehoboth and wanted to call in but no time. Wanted to tell you that my dermatologist in Dover recommends Formula 2 for very dry skin-in writing- to help heal very dry skin & dry skin rash/patches. YOURS was one of the ones he recommends out of the hundreds out there. And it was IN writing so I was impressed to learn this product was developed locally. Good luck - Dr.'s name is Dr. XXXXX on XXXX St. in Dover. PS It truly is a fabulous product!" - Anonymous

"I was told to order Formula 2 by my Doctor. I had been trying to heal a wound on the upper thighs, and they would bleed and pop open, I had Home health care come in for 6 years. I finally moved closer to my family and went to this wound care specialist who recommended Formula 2, and much to my amazement I am healed. I am totally happy. I am now using it for the ankle area because I have stone coming thru my legs from my kidney stones. So I have to reorder. I recommend this to everyone. Please at least give it a try. I tried everything." - Anonymous